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Hum covid covid what a mess it is everywhere even in Cairns where we have to wear mask...but let's keep a high spirit as we are in one of the most beautiful and safe places on earth until now at least.

We are now in winter and it has been a while I came here. It was not because I did not want to but sometimes life sends you somewhere else like Townsville for a triple bypass for my other half. And this created a big change of life
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You still can look in Poetry at the beautiful poem by Rumi
delightfully translated by Jonathan Star
I hope you will like it as I do, thanks to my sweet friends
Carla and Roland who kindly introduced me to this amazing Poet
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The Glossary has been updated so click on my Herbs page.
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And Yes Yes Life is meant to be enjoyed and this also implies to do what we really like...

So No blog or postcast, but you can see that I am coming every week to chat with you and if you like what you see, you are welcome to email or text me any time
As before you can click on the left and right frames as I will update my other sites as well including the I Ching so have a look if you have a little time; it is quite interesting

I also want to tell you that we are not in beautiful Tasmania any more; we moved to Melbourne where I lost myself in meaningless work as it involved numbers...but we made the right choice to move in North Queensland and though we miss children and grand-children we do not regret it as it is so wonderful to see the green everywhere and the magnificent blue coral sea.

Yes, French Haven is now at Kewarra Beach North Queensland

and a French Pastry Chef, Patrick can come to your home
and prepare a delicious meal for your guest
It is also where you can order our delicious teas and syrups,
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Christiane Guise, Kewarra Beach French Herbal Remedies, French Recipes, World Poetry, French Tutorial, healthy cooking, medicinal herbs, Herbal teas, French poetry, Kewarra Beach

Kewarra Beach French Haven Patisseries & Herbs is now closed

Christiane Guise, French Herbal Remedies, French Recipes, World Poetry, French Tutorial, healthy cooking, herbal tea, medicinal herbs, French poetry, Kewarra Beach

Nana's Minestrone

Christiane Guise, French Herbal Remedies, French Recipes, World Poetry, French Tutorial, healthy cooking, medicinal herbs, French poetry, I Ching Kewarra Beach

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