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My Reading List

    The last few months, I have been privileged to read many incredibly great books.
I read a lot... and because it was costing me a fortune
and the thought of the paper wasted, of destroying the trees
compelled me to join Cairns wonderful Library.
They have the most recent books and though I was hooked on Classics,
I am absolutely amazed to see so many writers with fantastic imagination.
So, why not offer a book to those you love,
it could be one that you cherish...
Hum!!! Should we cling to a book, when it could be a nice gift to someone we love
and this someone could offer it to another?
The chain could be long and it would save so much paper and trees.

    Ok the first one is:
Paris by starlight by Robert Dinsdale
The dilemma of accepting others and be accepted;
but with all the magic that makes it a delightful read.

The Toy Makers again by Robert Dinsdale
A lot of great magic in this fairy tales for grown-ups and little ones; another great read.

Alice asks the Big Questions by Laurent Gounelle
A young successful marketing consultant engages in a big project and rediscovers faith;
a lot of humour and a fresh look into religion.

The French Photographer by Natasha Lester
How difficult for a woman to do a magnificent job when men don't believe in Women's implacable will

and from Natasha again Paris Secrets

Belle by Lesley Pearse
Another a very good story and many books in the series all very exciting

I also enjoyed very much
The Art of Happiness in a trouble world by the Dalai Lama
the Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu
and The Wisdom of forgiveness by the Dalai Lama
Great inspiration from these humble Masters always full of joy and hope

     I would love to hear what you read so far and I hope you find my list interesting.

You may click on my Contact Page and let me know.

Enjoy Life Now Yes Yes !!!
and see you next week

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