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The Delicious Hawthorn Liquor

Some people prefer liquor to wine
and this is a great way to take hawthorn whether it is for pleasure or medical reasons.
Indeed, this liquor is good against heart diseases and high blood pressure.
All the liquors in this book can be used as beautiful starters or refreshing drinks.
Try two tablespoons of Hawthorn liquor in a glass of Sweet heart wine,
dry white wine, or Champagne and enjoy it in moderation of course.
In summer, it is delicious with mineral water.

500 G of Hawthorn berries
400 G of raw Sugar
1 Litre of Fruit Alcohol, Kirsch, Gin, or Vodka
5 Cloves and 1 Cinnamon stick

Put the berries in a large jar. Pour the alcohol and add the cloves and the cinnamon. Melt the sugar in little hot water and put it into the jar. Then, close the lid tightly and leave it in a warm place for at least a month. Shake it regularly and strain it through fine muslin or coffee paper. Please be patient as it takes some time to do this.
Pour the liquor into nice bottles. The older it is, the better it is so write the date. But will you be able to keep it as it is so Yummy!!!


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