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Delicious Orange Wine

This wine is very refreshing and rich in vitamin C. It is a delightful aperitif served before meals to stimulate the appetite. You may use organic oranges for a summer drink and the small Kentish cherries for winter to remind us of the warm season. Remember that the degree of alcohol depends on the wine you use.
Therefore a small glass on special occasion does not harm but more certainly could.

5 Litres of Dry White Wine
˝ Litre of Fruit Alcohol, Kirsch, Gin, or Vodka (You do not have to put alcohol it is up to you)
10 Organic Oranges or 3 Kg of Kentish or sour Cherries
400 G of raw Sugar

Put the cherries with their pips or the unpeeled oranges thinly sliced in a small barrel or very large jar and pour the wine over it. Melt the sugar in a little hot water and add it to the brew with the alcohol. Cover and let it stand three weeks in temperate climates or two weeks in tropical conditions. Wring out the oranges or cherries, strain, and fill up sterilised bottles. Do not forget to put pretty labels.
Serve it chilled and drink it in moderation with light savouries.
For me, I do not put alcohol as it is nice as it is and I peel the oranges as I do not like when it is too tart and I dry the peels for my tea; again it is up to you. Bon Appétit!!!

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