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Happiness Tea

When you drink this tea, my Friend
Use your five senses
And happiness will flow into your heart.
Listen to the goldfinch on the cherry-tree in bloom
And feel the caress of the gentle breeze.
Look at the newborn lamb running to its mother
And breathe the sweet perfumes twirling around you.
We don’t need much to be happy, my Friend.
This magic tea contains all the ingredients to make you feel good.

1 Packet of French Haven Happiness Tea
that you can get at

French Haven Patisseries & herbs

34 Bondi Crescent at Kewarra Beach
Please give us a call before on

0457 925 025

1 Tbsp. each of Sweet Violet, Marjoram, basil,
Rose petals, and crushed Rosehips

½ Vanilla pod
1 Tsp. of Orange peel
½ Tsp of Aniseeds
½ Tsp of grated Ginger
2 Tbsp. of dried or fresh Berries
1 Tbsp. of Hawthorn liquor in each cup (optional)
(see the recipe)

Soften the dry berries in little water.
Put the rosehips in a saucepan
and add one litre of boiling water.
Let it boil for ten minutes.
Turn the heat off and add the violet, marjoram, rose petals,
orange peel, aniseeds, ginger.
Infuse the herbs three minutes and strain the tea.
Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise
and scrap the inside in the teapot.
Strain the berries and add the liquid to the tea.
In each cup, put few berries and a tablespoon of hawthorn liquor
or any berry liquor then, pour the tea.
Drink it hot in winter; and in summer, it is beautifully refreshing icy cold.

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