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Happy Mother's day

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Yes Happy Happy Mother's days
A wonderful day to remember how lucky we are
to have a mother who loves us unconditionally.
Because there is nothing more precious than a son or a daughter
no matter how old they are
Oh, how I miss this Mother's Day
12 years ago...

You showered us with so many gifts that year
So when you came with a set of cordless phones
I said: "You need some phones..."
and you replied:"No they are for you
Yours are crap and it is for Mother's Day"
I could not believe it..."You have done so much for us already
In fact, you have given me presents for every occasion for the rest of my life.

Alas, it was indeed the last time,
You wished me Happy Mother's Day
The last time, I hugged and kissed you...

12 years, but if people said that time heals the deepest sorrows
They probably never lost a child ,
and today, my thoughts are for all these mothers
who tried to smile despite their broken heart
and if they have the chance to have other children
They love them fiercely
But the gap in their heart will always remain

But for the children we love
Yes we must be brave.

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