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Cyrano de Bergerac
by Edmond Rostand 1897

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    Cyrano is in love with his cousin Roxane and when he had the courage to declare his passion, she told him that she is enamoured with Christian a Cadet who has just joined his company of guards. She asked him to protect him. Though very much loved for his courage and charisma, Cyrano hates how he looked especially his huge nose ‘big as a rock’ he said and Christian is very handsome; so thinking he has no chance, he accepted the terrible challenge and discovered that Christian is in fact very handsome and brave; he is also very attracted to the beautiful and precious Roxane but he is not a poet and has no way with words. Seeing his distress, Cyrano who is a great poet, offered him to write his love letters where he can at last and at least express all his feelings secretly.
    Roxane is indeed incredibly moved by her lover’s letters but Christian now wants to meet her and when she accepts, he is incapable of finding the words she expected and she is confused and angry.
     Cyrano suggests to Christian to stand near Roxane’s balcony while he hides close by in the bushes so he can whisper the words to him and he only has to repeat them. But Roxane finds Christian hesitant and so Cyrano pushes him away and under the cover of darkness he declares his love (still pretending he is Christian).

The Declaration the Kiss

Well ! if the time has come for us two,
What words will you say to me?
All those, all those, all those
That come to me, I shall fling them in wild cluster,
Not in a bouquet: I love you, I stifle.
I love you, I am crazy, I cannot live anymore, it is too much;
Your name is in my heart like a bell,
And as I tremble with love, Roxane,
The bell shakes, and your name sings!
Of you, I remember all, I love everything:
This feeling terrible and jealous
That has invaded my heart is love
Really, it has the same poignant passion!
Love it is yes,—and yet, it is unselfish love!
Ah! How I would give my whole happiness for you,
Even if you knew nothing about it,
Do you understand, now? Do you realise?
Do you feel my soul rising in the shadow?
Oh! But really it is too much, it is too sweet!
I am telling you all this, and you listen, you listen to me, you!
It is too much! Even in my least humble hope
I never dreamed this much! Now I can die.
Is it the words I said
That make her shiver in the blue boughs!
Yes you shiver as a leaf among the leaves!
Yes you shiver! For I have felt, whether or not you want me
to know, the adorable shivering of your hand
Coming down the jasmine strands!
Yes I shiver, yes I weep, I love you and I am yours
You bewitched me!
So let death come now!
Is is I who bewitched you!
One more think I dare to ask…
A Kiss, the word is sweet…
A kiss but really what is it?
An oath made a little closer, a promise
More precised, an avowal that wants to be confirmed
The pink ‘O’ of Love;
A secret taking the lips as its ears
A endless instant like the brush of  a bee’s wings
A communion with the scent of a flower
A way to breath each other’s hearts
And to taste with tips of our lips each other’s souls.

Aïe, what a strange pain in my heart!
—A kiss, a lovers’ feast for which I am Lazarus only!
But from the shadow, comes a little crumb of you,—
And I feel my heart receiving you,
For on the lips where Roxane is deceived
She kisses the words I spoke earlier!

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