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Sweet Heart Wine

if you have the chance to live in Tasmania or in Victoria
Not that we are not lucky to be in our beautiful far North
You will be able to pick the wonderful hawthorn berries
to make amazing wine, tincture, syrup and liquor.
and when the wine is natural and contains great medicinal properties, it becomes a real treat.
The Hawthorn wine is indeed an excellent healthy wine
as it strengthens the heart and regulates blood pressure.
Primarily, to make any wines, take care not to pick any fruit or berries
on the side of roads where there is heavy traffic.
Furthermore, make sure that the shrubs or plants were not treated chemically.
Of course, do not add any chemicals to preserve the wine or enhance its flavour.
Just be careful to use sterilised tools and follow the process
The Sweet heart wine can replace advantageously any dry white wines and it is very low in alcohol.
Excellent with entrees and fish; serve it chilled and drink it in moderation.

3 Kg of Hawthorn berries
2 Kg of raw Sugar
Wine Yeast
Boiling water
2 Oranges and 1 Lemon (organic)

Slice the oranges and the lemon thinly.
Put them and the hawthorn berries in a big pot and cover them with boiling water.
Boil the fruit for five minutes to kill wild yeast and bacteria.

When this has been done, empty the pot in a 25 litres bucket;
add the cinnamon and the rosemary and fill up the bucket with boiling water.
Close the bucket and leave it for twenty-four hours.

Strain the brew, add the sugar melted in warm water and fill up the bucket with more boiling water.
When the brew is around 27 C, take one cup and dilute the yeast, close the bucket tightly, and put the airlock.

Keep it in a warm place and wait until the fermentation ceases or when the hydrometer shows 1000 or less.
Pour into sterilised bottles and be careful not to disturb the sediments at the bottom of the barrel.
Do not touch the wine before six months. Cheers!!!

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