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    Fear is probably the worse negative emotion though it could be useful for survival. But it is not always when we fell threaten that we are in fear. Have you had the horrible fear that you may lose someone you love? When you do, you almost feel that you may have a heart attack but this is due only to the stress you experience; may be your heart beat does not even increase but it seems that your heart is bursting. You may even shake and cannot sleep; of course, you feel very very bad...but what can you do about it? Nothing! That we are all going to die does not make it easier and we may start thinking that it would be so much better if we are going to die instead of our child, our husband or our wife, anyone we feel that our life without them cannot be. Sometimes our thoughts cease to be rational but there are things that we can do. Oh it is not easy! But let us start nevertheless.
    The first step is to realise that this person is still there with us and it may be for sometimes so we have the opportunity to make what left of it the most enjoyable time for him/her and for us.
    The second step is to ensure that we are making the right decisions to prevent what we fear to happen. May be this involves seeing another doctor or trying other treatments.
    The third step is to be aware that our fear makes us miserable and probably on our nerves which is certainly very hard to bear for the person you love so much. We should not think that we can hide this fear and if you have a pet, it will surely smell it so we must fight our fear and replace it with the most positive emotion such as hope, optimism. It is probably not the first time that we fear something horrible is going to happen and it probably did not; it could be the same this time; how do we know for sure? We do not and this means that we are wasting precious happy time for nothing or just a lingering overwhelming thought. Anyway, if we have done the two first steps, it means that we have done the most we can so now we should try to relax and enjoy the present as in one way only today exists.
    No, it is not so easy but we can and should do it. Now, you may have some good thoughts on how to deal with fear and again I would love to hear from you so you can drop me a line on my Contact Page

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