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La Bonne Soupe

Every Province of France has among its specialities a delicious soup.
Some are very nutritious, rich in vitamins, gentle on the stomach; and despite their simplicity, they tastes great.
La bonne soupe is one of them. Indeed, for the ill or convalescent, those who do not digest food easily or want to lose weight, La bonne soupe is the best choice.
Potatoes are easily digested and have a soothing effect on the stomach.
Carrots and any yellow or orange fruit and vegetable are powerful antioxidants. They boost the immune system and protect against cancer.
Leeks contain a lot of fibre so they cleanse the bowels.
Finally, all the onion family including garlic have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties; they also protect against cancers and heart diseases.

2 Large Potatoes
1 Bunch of young Carrots with their tops
2 Young Leeks or 1 big one
2 Tsp. of coarse Sea Salt
Tsp of Peppercorns
1 Tbsp. of fresh Parsley chopped

Wash the vegetables in cold water.
Peel the potatoes, brush the carrots, and trim the leeks.
Slice them roughly and put them in a large pot with two litres of cold water and salt.
Cover and let the soup boil for fifteen minutes; then, simmer it until vegetables are tender.
Blend the soup in your food processor and serve it hot with freshly ground peppercorns and parsley.
Of course, nice crusty bread tartines will be a great combination,


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