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 Soon the Herbs Glossary

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today a new Recipe from the south of France Le pistou
I am still preparing the little Glossary with herbs properties
that you may find interesting and useful
You can now look at the glossary for A to D when you click on the icon Herbs on the left
Again remember
that I am NOT an herbalist, a doctor or a nurse
I gained my knowledge on Botany
from the numerous books on herbs I could get
and when one of them dislikes some herbs for health reasons,
I discarded them immediately
I have experimented all my herbal remedies on myself first
and used them for more than 30 years for my family and friends
and Yes, they always worked
But you must be careful with herbs even common ones
so before taking them please TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR
then never take them more than 3 weeks
Enough talking now

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Enjoy Yes Yes !!!
and see you next week
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French Natural Remedies & Recipes from Beautiful Tasmania, Christiane Guise, French Natural Remedies Book cover, French Herbal remedies, Healthy cooking, French recipes This delighful music by Satori is from his album Relaxation

Before sharing with you my little secrets,
I want you to know
That I am a French Australian Grand-Ma
And I am very proud of my double nationality
Yes, I lived in Tasmania for 17 years
and I loved this beautiful island in the South-East of Australia
As much as I loved my dear Lorraine where I was born

I live in Liffey the tiny village well-known
for the crystal water of its falls
Look at the beautiful pictures of
the Liffey valley and its luxuriant forest
on this site and in the book
that I have the pleasure to present below.

As you will see on the payment page,
French Natural Remedies
from Beautiful Tasmania
by Christiane Guise

is available
  • in paperback
  • e-book
  • and CD audiobook

  • Christiane Guise, French Herbal Remedies, French Recipes, World Poetry, French Tutorial, French Translation, French natural remedies, homemade remedies, healthy cooking, Tasmania Natural remedies, medicinal herbs, French poetry, Web design, Liffey

    So, why a new book about natural remedies, they are already so many on the market?
    Simply because
    French Natural Remedies from Beautiful Tasmania
    is different
    It focuses on physical and mental harmony
    Gives a description of the plants with their medicinal values
    And treats minor disorders from common flu to high cholesterol
    Only common herbs and ingredients are used in recipes
    Many types of remedies are offered:
    Teas, capsules, tinctures, syrups, wines, and liquors
    All recipes are inspired from French and Mediterranean cuisine
    They are healthy,original, elegant, and delicious
    Finally a touch of French cuisine with beautiful recipes
    to break the monotony of everyday meals and improve health.
    French Natural Remedies from Beautiful Tasmania
    combines pleasure and healing
    It is the ideal gift for anyone who is health conscious
    and love spending a little time in the garden and the kitchen
    All recipes are easy to make
    Anyone will be able to cook delicious meals
    and fill up their shelves with beautiful homemade products.
    The aim is to enjoy gardening, enjoy cooking, enjoy food of course,
    and stay slim and in excellent form.

    Ok! Now let's go to the book's Table of Contents
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