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OiseauOn the First Day Oiseau
translated by Jonathan Star

I was there on the first day,
Before anything had a name
On that day
there was neither “I” nor “We.”
Every name, and everything named,
came after me.

Within one curl of the Beloved’s hair
I saw the birth of the creation.
I saw every name forming,
every object coming into view.
Yet there was no curl!
I looked upon every Cross, in every church,
yet He was not there.
I went to the temples in India
and the shrines of China
yet He was not there.
I scaled the distant peak of Mount Qaf
only to find
the empty nest of the Phoenix.
I visited the Ka’Be
but He was not in that tourist site
amidst pilgrims young and old.
I read the books of Avicenna
but His wisdom went beyond all the words.
I went to the highest court,
within the distance of “two bow-lengths,”
but He was not there.

Then I looked within my own heart
and there I found Him –
He was nowhere else.

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